How Green was my Island

Yes, people do return to their homeland!

Even if it is entirely, just a lovely green islet,

After many, many, many, many years

They return to its sea and sand.

Just as he was,drawn irresistibly by!

An indelible thought of his childhood haunt,

What is a childhood haunt? it is children friendly folk,

Birds, beasts, the secret places, sea and the sky!.

On returning, what greeted his eyes was NOT

The beckoning skyline of his childhood haunt!

It was just a balding hairball, stuck with sticks, rods…

Only thing modern was, they were smooth- finish wrought.

They dared to gleam in the smoky s-m-o-g,

Those HI-rise buildings, dens of gas emissions,

Stifling the surroundings, dimming the green,

Polluting, clogging, cluttering, killing both bird and f-r-o-g.

He longed for the time,when there was a honking V

Up in the sky, and the next moment they dove

Down to the trees, and water spots.Alighting soft,

Everywhere were migrating birds from shore to civvy.

And now here, were the birds and fish strewn

Dead, around his islet, victims of man’ s excesses,

Dirtiness, and greed, dead among empty grease cans,

They use explosives to scoop fish, for big orders, by new moon!.

What hurt him most, was the vacant stare…….

Of the dead birds and fish, as they looked up at

Their Creator, with not an inkling of a question,

No shock expressed, no annoyance, no glare……..

Just a vacant look, dead now, later Extinct

Just like that, from the face of the earth!!

Reducing to hunger and want the poor!!

No lessons learnt.Falls the muffled blame indistinct.

Devoid of greenery, man made destruction!

Everybody abandon the unfit barren islet,

Pretty soon uninhabited, no animal not even a plant,

Just the jangle of crumbling rusty pins of construction!!

Decided. There and then he bought the whole islet,

Multi-billionaire that he was, now with a mission!

To convert the whole place to its Pristine glory

And recapture his chlidhood haunt detailed down to his sweet violet.

(All because of a favorite spot

Which led a child to do a lot.)


2 thoughts on “How Green was my Island

  1. What is an Island? It is a small environmental room. It is filled with biodiversity of plant and animal life,playing peacefully their ecological cards. Enter human bein gs. A wild gamble is played with the lives of the original inhabitants. The island, the smaller it is the more thorough the species cleansing. They make room for their pets and animals in the zoo. The original inhabitants, the animals, maybe in small museums stuffed or in books about recently Extinct animals! After reading this do you feel like collapsing as a helpless heap? Or do you feel like doing something about the situation? Do tell me how you feel.


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