Remote is pristine!

I love to read about wildlife. If it is about wildlife photography it is related,and I really love to read about it, all the more! I was reading about  Robert Fabbri. He says photography has been an interesting passion.His interest for the sea and Fantastic underwater world started very early. This fact I really like, for I believe that something you really love when you are but a child, grows with you from strength to strength into something Beautiful! He was 10 years old, when he got a snorkel..later he did scuba diving and describes it as a long love affair.His underwater pictures are  fantastic! I think they would make an excellent supplement to  Biology students’ coursework! Just imagine a huge database of wildlife photographs to click on;when seeking examples of thousands of species and genera! A treasure trove!! Well,back from my digression,  today these remain the only images on record depicting the birth of a manta ray, in its natural habitat the sea! He lived for 17 years in a remote area on the southern coast of the Carribbean sea,  surrounded by thousands of acres of pristine forest. He was attracted by Belize and the barrier reef with its underwater. I could not help noting the fact how much Robert loved going to remote areas.I gather remote areas are totally uninfluenced by the urban lifestyle, which causes smog and an unclear, smoky atmosphere for the camera lens. Interest for wildlife took him to remote areas of a number of countries. It has always been-” very interesting experiences’. In 2012 he retired. Finally a free man he could travel as much as he wanted. He journeyed, always with his camera. He loved the Asian countries. He settled in Vietnam. He encountered primates -orangutaans and the endemic proboscis monkeys along the banks of the Kinabatangan river basin.Unique. 2015 took him to south of Yunnan province of China where he had a captivating experience of the remote areas. He considers himself very fortunate to have experienced some of the earth s most breathtaking locations,  its amazing wildlife and people. It is his pleasure to share these images and places with the reader.In the end I would like to mention Sri Lanka. This country is the peak of interest to all wildlife lovers. Robert says of this place “In March 2015 he discovered Sri Lanka, I would call it a major destination for the wildlife photographer, it has been above any expectation!



6 thoughts on “Remote is pristine!

  1. I was just reading about The Growing Up Wild activities,and I liked a number of things in it. There is a glossary about wildlife, available to read, which will be very useful for parents and children alike. It can be read before the family starts out on its outdoor trip.This trip will be more than a family picnic! It will be like attending dame Nature’ s own classroom! With glossary at your fingertips, you can look around in the wild with a purport;or if you discover something intriguing and do not know about it, you can look it up in the glossary.
    The next thing which caught my attention were the Home Connections. These can be downloaded or printed out in form of cards. For instance Holiday Calendar. This would mean integration of holiday celebrations with wildlife activities. Thus National Bird Day with Endangered species day! The list goes on all round the year, you can pick and choose the combinations. Enjoy family outings with holiday celebrations, also giving more than your thought to some more serious issue of the wilds, by being actually present where the action is! In lieu of sending one tweet to Twitter, one comment on Facebook or saying a silent prayer or wiping a tear, at home on such a day. Can you imagine the impact of such an integration! Children and their parents talking and recounting ventures long after holidays are over. Extending their excitement to schools, offices, friends and acquaintances! home videos and photography collection would be so flourishing! Issues such as Climate change and its political importance will be better understood by children who will be the budding Conservationists.

    Booklist was next. So very much needed is the recommended reading, which can be downloaded. There are many children who want to know what to do out there in the wilds. For such children the fiction books will really charge their imagination! The non fiction books will inspire them to properly engage in all the activitities they love the best. What is more these books are organised both alphabetically and according to activity, so nothing will be missed out!
    Then another activity which caught my attention, was Show me Wildlife. This activity allows the children to see videos of wildlife. So many features of biology-insects, plant life, wildlife fauna, you name it. Can you imagine the thrill of hearing the melodious bird songs in the wild (there are thousands filling the forests)) and being able to identify them!
    Today’ s children must remember that children in the past had fewer resources! They faced tremendous hardships. However the love for wildlife maybe as intense with all children, then and now. It is this river of love for wildlife that has welcomed the currents of interest of folk who are parents, educators and people working in the wildlife department; and increased its flow and volume to provide programs, activities, education opportunities, safe places, reccommended sites, all to nurture the love of wildlife that children are naturally bound to have!


  2. “Ensil Ross Allen,called Ross, was born in Pittsburgh, pennsylvania in 1908 and attended local schools. He moved as a teenager with his family to Florida. As a young man, Allen made a hobby of capturing turtles, snakes and other reptiles near his home, in central Florida. He continued his work and study of them and became noted as an expert herpetologist.”


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