I love my pome

A Pome dedicated to the worker for a green “Cause” and those who Adore him.

The hustle and bustle, as the relentless biological Clock

Moves amidst overcrowded space, and flurried flock.

As space adjusts with a life, of edge and balances act

Of offended birds waylaying others with less tact.

Of restless movement,hither and thither and all round,

Of the immobility of egg-hatching mothers holding ground.

Of the stillness, of preening birds practising self indulgence

Of the fluffy fledglings’ lost tumblings, their judged innocence

Confronting hostile “aunts???, or fondling foster mothers,

Playful older chicks, several darting “sisters and brothers???,

To a fluffy stop in front of malevolent- intent- weighing cocks

Skeltering mother frantically announcing lost chick in the flocks.

This boy loved bird watching, their activities and life,

When he grew up, through all the distracting strife

The bird watcher made his choice, his career

A cause,to protect the birds and enhance and steer

Their life through all kinds of danger!!!!

Do deeds even if they sound a lot more stranger

Than fiction, Flyways, bird safety measures, save them

From harm, from pollution and superstition, wicked mayhem.

What he is doing for birds, the list goes on and on

Heard globally , like he is a??? feather??? in the cap of audubon!!

Would that more and more wide eyed kids pursue

Their bird watching dreams and make them come true.

(All because of a Favorite spot

Which led a boy to do a lot.)


3 thoughts on “I love my pome

    1. Ooh! The mystery of animal migrations, is something I always wanted to know. Now there is this, on the internet! It is like a glass balcony to me where I can look down cliffs and oceans and see the long, long fascinating dreamlike silhouettes of the journeying beautiful, graceful species! Unendingly, timelessly!


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