Discovering passion

Although I search for inspiring Wildlife stories,in which children growing up loving the wildlife and doing something nothing short of a miracle for the cause, is my desired theme;yet there is such a force which mystifies one in the biographies of the wildlife photographers that I have blogged them hoping that youth viewership may be fulfillingly inspired by these stories.



I read about the wildlife photographer Steven Blandin. I was amazed to find that he discovered his passion for wildlife photography on an African safari! I do not know how much he loved Dame nature as a child or how much he knew about wildlife then. He tells us that his wife introduced him to nature photography (In their early dating years). That makes my view take a shifty ride on a paradigm shift which changed the belief that hold tight to the job you already have and keep any new found interest or passion to a secondary importance! Steven’ s life says if you find that the seed of passion that lay dormant for a long time;suddenly shoots up into a tree with flowering blossoms and all! Do not crush it. If it drives you towards success take that energy saver ride! You have been gifted! Steven is…

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