Jane Goodall-Animal Rights Activist

Jane Goodall The Famous biologist

An Excerpt:
“Jane Goodall created one of the most trailblazing studies of primates in modern times when she dwelled with Tanzanian chimps to observe their behavior.
Her fascination in animal behavior began in early childhood. In her leisure time,she observed native birds and animals, making extensive notes, and sketches, and read widely in the literature of zoology and ethology. From an early age, she dreamed of travelling to Africa to observe exotic animals in their natural habitats.
At the invitation of a childhood friend, she visited South Kinangop, Kenya. Goodall was sent to study the vervet monkey;which lives on an island in Lake Victoria.
While she is reluctantly resigned to the continuation of animal research, she feels young scientists must be educated to treat animals more compassionately.
Goodall’s efforts to educate people about the ethical treatment of animals extends to young children as well. Her 1989 book, The Chimpanzee Family Book, was written specifically for children, to convey a new, more humane view of wildlife. The book received the 1989 Unicef/Unesco Children’s Book-of-the-Year Award and Goodall used the prize money to have the text translated into Swahili. It has been distributed throughout Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi to educate children who live in or near areas populated by chimpanzees.”


One thought on “Jane Goodall-Animal Rights Activist

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